the mind plays strange tricks on us.......

A Night in the Cabin

"God damn these power failures", Kevin said to himself. It was his third day in the cabin by the lake, built by his father some years before he passed away and left it to Kevin. His father had chosen that place because it was a little away from town and quite secluded and private. But, recently, there had been rumours about people sighting ghosts and spirits around the place. Some said it was the spirit of Kevin's father due to his love for the cabin while others said it was the ghost of Jason McArthur, the young guy who shot himself after loosing his fiancée to leukaemia. Kevin, however had always been sceptical, moreover, due to the constant power failures, he was more concerned about hunting around for candles and lanterns than worry about ghosts and spirits. Tonight, however, he decided to spend the night in darkness and that he would solve this problem once and for all, the next day. It had been a tiresome day for him and he fell asleep as soon as he crept into his bed.
"Kevin, Kevin", he woke up sweating profusely. A bad dream, he had felt like someone was choking him, again he could hear someone call out for help, beside him, he saw himself calling out his own name, "Kevin, ... Kevin", that was when he had woken up.
He looked at his watch; the radium dial said 12:01 am. He tried to switch the night lamp on, but no power!
He could hear it was raining heavily outside and the wind was also blowing quite strong.
Kevin was quite lost in his thoughts, trying to paint a picture of what was happening outside, when he was startled by the creaking noise made by the rusted hinges on the gate in front of the garden. With that, all of a sudden, his thoughts ran back to what the old timer had said at the pub, "Ain't you that chap, livin' at his dead pa's cabin .... I dunno about your ol' man but McArthur...." Now, Kevin could clearly visualize McArthur walking towards the cabin through the garden, the sound of his boots crushing the grass and flowers were more than audible. He could feel a chill down his spine and shivered with fear as he anticipated his encounter with whatever it would be ... All he could do now was wait ... wait for whatever was coming towards him, all this while, at the back of his head he could see his whole life pass by like a movie.
All of a sudden a cool gush of wind flew into the room bringing him back which was when he realized that he was covered in sweat, but his uninvited visitor hadn't arrived yet. He looked at his watch again; 3:30 am, a matter of just a few hours to dawn. Kevin closed his eyes and tried to shun whatever was happening outside.
"Oh! That bright light... my eyes," Kevin woke up all of a sudden and realized that the rays of the sun was directly falling over him through the window.
He jumped out of his bed and walked outside carefully to check on his uninvited visitor of the previous night. As he stepped outside, he smiled at himself; the mind plays strange tricks with us.

Short story by Rai
Read 1259 times
Written on 2007-10-25 at 06:51

Tags Psychology  Fear  Horror 

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