ive been a vegetarian for a year, but my parents neeed me to have protein, even tho i eat tofu, so weve comprimised that i'll occasionaly eat chicken or turkey as long as it's not full of growth hormones.&i havent eaten meat in4ever,so this turkey was g

turkey dinner

to me, the after-thanksgiving-dinner scene of the poor turkey is a cruel public display of carnage. the half eaten carcas lays on a large plate, the ribs visable, one leg missing, the other protruding at a gruesome and unnatural angle. a gaping hole -- filled to bursting with stale bread and celery -- screams at me, a reminder of lungs, organs and a heart that stopped beating so we could give 'thanks' to whatever we please. i think 'appologise' would me more suiting. i wouldnt have eaten it if I had had a choice. i felt guilty. my parents had paid over 80 bucks for that "certified organic" bird and they wouldnt let me forget it. personally, the fact that it had a happy life is irrelevant, though it may make it worse. a life is a life, happy or not, it's life was taken away. it was born to die. if refusing to eat living breathing animals could save even one turkey from a life of being prepared to be slaughtered to sustain the our undying need for meat, then it would be worth it. and even if it doesnt, i've made my choice.

Poetry by dre
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Written on 2007-10-09 at 03:42

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