I Was A Rock And Roll Star On The Moon

The world was upside down today
I noticed when I woke up
I decided to go to the moon instead
to become a rock and roll star

My journey was a piece of cake
I took the afternoon train
On Mars I met some small green men
They invited me to stay

I apologized, said "no can do,
I really have to get going."
But they looked so sad so I said "Okay,
I guess I can stay for a while."

They offered me coffee, no reason to decline
It was the best I've ever had
I drank two cups and it was time to go
They smiled and said "Goodbye!"

The train had left, instead I took a walk
on a rainbow that was lost
I was in no hurry so I watched the stars
above and around as I strolled

It really felt like no time at all
before I reached the moon
Soon would the moment come, I felt,
when I'd become a rock and roll star

The cheesy ball they call the moon
was crowded to the core
I wondered what was happening there
that seemed to be so fun

There were quite a celebrating
they all screamed high and loud
as they waited for the rock and roll band
that should have started hours ago

I decided, yes, I saw my chance
Now was my time to rock
I entered the stage, crowd went silent
As did I, and watched

I watched the audience, saw their surprise
then I grabbed an electric guitar
Long seconds of absolute stillness went by
before I made my move

What happened next is history
and I became a god
I played the electric guitar in a way
no one had done before

I played my solo for an hour or so
they didn't want me to stop
And I didn't stop until the band came in
the band I had replaced

And together we made a fantastic show
the crowd went wild with joy
We played for hours and hours again
and they just wanted more

As all good things must come to an end
time came for the finale
And even though we already acted gods
in that finale, we almost died

Pulses high, all aroused, high on the music,
high on love, high on life
Exploding in a final extatic, orgiastic climax
then nothing, no sound at all

The silence that followed lasted forever
When, suddenly, cheering broke out
They screamed their lungs out, loved us most
and we, the band, just felt good

As time went by it, the cheering came to an end
just about everyone took off
We, on stage, were the only ones left
but lonely? I think not

I ditched the party, went straight home
feeling content with myself
knowing this had been the best of all my days
'cause I was a rock and roll star on the moon

Poetry by Fredrik Adolvsson
Read 1032 times
Written on 2007-10-18 at 23:14

Tags Rockstar  Moon 

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