a Dream of You

I dreamed of you some nights ago
It was a real good dream
I touched your hand and kissed your lips
A real good dream, indeed

The Sandman was being nice to me
he made my sleep so pleasant
Every nightmare he swept away
replaced them all with you

It was beautiful images floating by
You, on each and everyone
Scenes with you, talking, smiling
making me feel alive

Making me wish I weren't asleep
wishing it was no dream
But a dream is still much better than
not being with you at all

So I went on dreaming, enjoying myself
and now I want you to know;
I dreamed of you some nights ago
and I smiled throughout that night

Poetry by Fredrik Adolvsson
Read 1165 times
Written on 2007-10-18 at 23:22

Tags Love  Dream 

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Dee Daffodil
This is a very lovely poem. It speaks of wishes left unfulfilled though...live life with no regrets. :-)