This is also a poem, translated into english. The original was written in Swedish. Hope you'll understand it anyway. Please, write a comment. or ask me if there any questions behind this poem.
and is there ANY other word for sexually transmitted disease

The poison in your glass

I'm the poison in your body,
the sugar on your thin lips,
the alcohol in your glass.

I'm the smoke in your lungs,
the sexually transmitted disease in your crutch,
the gun against your head.

I'm the caffeine in your coffee,
the cancer on your X-ray picture,
the pollution in your air.

I'm the razorblade in your hand,
the infection in your cut,
the lead in your heart.

How can you, so full of naivety,
refuse me to go
when I destroy you?

Poetry by Poetry-poofter
Read 384 times
Written on 2007-11-03 at 19:49

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