Just a long poem i made... hope its ok :)

Importance of Life as compared to Art

I once witness a new life begin,
Unbelievable image more like a dream,
Each one grew to begin a new journey,
A beautiful being that God create,
Only one can tell its fortune time,
The only thing that can't be still,

Like a picture drawn, unmoving and still
where life can end and begin,
In the real world no one argues with time,
In art everything is like a dream,
It is position thus, according to what artist's create,
A new idea is a road leading to another journey,

Lest someone cut short the journey,
Life stops and held still,
A similarity to undoing what humans create,
If no new life begin,
Everything will be broken like a shattered dream,
Nothing moves except he unstoppable time,

We spare each day for our own time,
Death is but another journey,
All the pain of life is just a bad dream,
It is only when everything becomes still,
We sent to acknowledge how we begin
and rejoice in the things we create,

To balance death we create,
struggling to catch up against time,
Remembering where we begin,
From a mother's womb, a life long journey,
However, there are more still;
an unaccomplished dream.

Winding roads to complete the dream,
Laid down for humans to create,
Their astonishment kept them still,
How easy it is to find time chosen,
Finally, their eyes open to reveal their journey
and the adventure begin...

Life is puzzled by time,
Humans are left to manage their journey,
It is hidden in the place where they begin...

Poetry by syer
Read 865 times
Written on 2007-11-07 at 18:59

Tags Art  Syer  Life 

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