I didn't write this one. It was written in swedish by my friend Joakim Sjöstrand. He asked me to translate it, and here's the result. So this is just a faked one.

Like a thistle through the genital area

The autumn approach and a cold breeze hurt around the legs.
The day approaches its end and the feet increase the tact.
Two anonymous eyes swept in a dark figure advance quick from behind,
without forewarning lays the body uncovered in front on an unknown individual.

The panics poison spreads immediate to the veins
Two dirty hands scratches stressing all textile that covers in two
The fear paralyses the function of the voice and the shouts stop.
A forcing of violating grips becomes an explosion of huge blood splash
from the cracked sex organ.

The plague penetrate fiercely the dry womb.
Like a thistle draws the limb through the genital areas fragile covering
Warm rays of blood runs along the naked thighs
where the muscles get benumbed because of the hard pushes
that have end up in an unthinkable atrocious timeless

One hand smother brusque the resources of breeding
A anoxic spreads itself and the eyes fails to persuade to see
Senses whiten quickly because of the restless lack of oxygen
The pains grow for every groans from the stinking shadow.
The energies are not enough to fight on

The ejaculation ends up the last air lanes in the neck
The hand drops immediate its grip in the same moment
as the mouth gets filled with seminal fluid, spew and tears.
The muscles feel crippled and the voice bands are dumb.
With bare hands frazzles the soul out from a virgins body

Poetry by Poetry-poofter
Read 357 times
Written on 2007-11-19 at 18:46

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