some sadness, some longing, some belonging just written because I feel it.

Inside Societies of the Ethereal Kind

in the world, this cyberworld,
there are friends and foes and lovers
a society of words and thoughts
hidden behind those covers
of screens and frozen images
that present themselves as such
but its behind the curtain drawn
when reality becomes too much
upon the stage of computer screens,
actors play with one another
through conversations delivered
in some font size, form, and color
relationships begin to grow
and bonds are strongly formed
now in this time and age we live,

this is a communication norm
but once in awhile it happens,
the world of cyber and concrete
merge together as a happenstance
when physically they meet
And for the very fortunate
it is a time of splendour
when written words and photographs
become alive and truly tender.
there comes the blessedness
of love and laughter to remember
a comfort that could only come
through far reaching possibilities
brought together by the love of words
and sweet compatibility

two souls, ethereal through time, space, and  spirit
converge in the sweetest harmony
that God must be in it
and there I found this love of mine,
a gentle man to feel
has materialized beside my side
and was found to be real
This world of cyber love
has gone on to places of wondrous delights
it's in this brand new world
that my heart has found the man who is right
And i will share him in this world
and in the world of the now
for he is all I have dreamt about
and he has shown me how
my dreams, hopes, and the impossible
can truly come to life
for I will soon become this very real man's
earthly, ethereal wife

in our dreams there are premonitions
of how our desires can come to completion
and perhaps the whole of all society
whether abstract or of concrete honesty
the computer age presented on the written page
will bring together worlds apart by birth
and join to create a happier peace-filled earth.

kathy lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 586 times
Written on 2007-11-29 at 19:45

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Rob Graber
"my dreams, hopes, and the impossible
can truly come to life
for I will soon become this very real man's
earthly, ethereal wife"

Great lines in a really cool poem! The phrase "earthly, etheral wife" is a completely apt and ingenious oxymoron!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
This love of thine as of mine knows no bounds this is a beautiful poem dearest katherine and it igve me the warmest of feeling of a love though oftendecried and scoffed , that of cyber love some do come true in the real world a beautiful womans heart that show her man how she loves him xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi love you ylk Michael

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
I have to think as I read this, before, I always wrote, but a happenstance made me write on the internet - it did open a world, has opened a world - yet, maybe its me, I'm still confused. Well you know what I mean Kathy as we have chatted and you have been such a support - I need the internet for now - who knows about tomorrow. So glad for you that it has worked out - y love to both of you two kind people - please invite me to the wedding so I can throw rose blossom - because that would make me so happy

Emma x

i myself owe a lot to this virtual world...and i totally agree with the conclusion of your poem, Kathy...poem that i mostly enjoied reading tonight...
Lilly xxx