"In the morning mist two lovers kissed and the world stood still. Then your fingers touched my silent heart and taught it how to sing. Yes, true love's a many-splendored thing." Sammy Fain


Splendor by Michael Meddings and Katherine Lockhart

The soft summer breeze scented with honeysuckle
And buttercups gently blows the tendrils of my hair
Causing the slight curls to dance across my face while
I wander through wildflower meadows.
The tall soft grass tickles my bare legs and feet
Titillating my senses. I am soothed by the sun.
As I turn my face to the sky and enjoy the warm rays,
I hear your voice calling my name. 
It is you, My Love, standing there amongst the willows.
O, My Darling, your body glistens golden, reflecting
The shimmering light that dances through the trees. 
My heart quivers at the sight of you and I am helpless.
This desire controls my every thought
My every movement. See me My Darling.
See me and love me.

I watch as you almost imperceptibly float
Across the meadow, in a dreamlike mistiness
That fades momentarily then comes again
The flowing silkiness of your dress open
Almost to the waist, accentuates the soft glorious
Texture of your skin and serves to evoke
That simple yet powerful sensation in me that
Makes me a man. For you are beautiful
More beautiful than I ever knew.
Your soft virginal serenity arouses senses
That only red blood courses can quell.
Yet, in so doing, I feel the desire increase
To an intensity never known.
As the soft brown glory of your long leg muscles
Flex and enchant in that barely noticeable way 
A girls legs inspire a man. 

My heart races as I draw near you.
I feel the throbbing of its rhythm
And hear the pounding as though there are 
A thousand drums beating out 
A fervent dance of desire. 
My breath is shallow at first
And then comes the heaving of my breasts
In anticipation and excitement.
I am flushed and heated from within
As blood courses through my veins.
My body's reaction overtakes my shyness
And I no longer can hide the eagerness of my hunger.
Your majestic form beckons me to give myself to you
As pheromones ignite the embers of this longing
To burn in unquenchable flames of passion.
Quietly, I approach you
Trying desperately to contain my ardor.
Do you see my wanting?
Do you sense my arousal? 
I am at once in need of your unbridled passion
And yet, I need the tenderness of your gentle touch.
Give to me the strength and the sensitivity of your love.
I am yours; take me gently.

In fevered anxiety we touch, we embrace, we discard
Each other of dress. Your long delicate fingers
Stripping my shirt as the fire ignites.
My rough hands slipping your sash as the fever
Rises out of control.
Beauty, silken softness touching skin,
Lips upon lips, on throats, on breasts
Naked, unadorned, unashamed, helplessness
In a  field of passion allowing waves of our desire
To overwhelm us. 
We lay down in the verdant pasture oblivious of discovery
Hidden in our love bower amongst the rye grass of this 
Corn cockle summer.
Grey, grizzled, my chest naked before you,
Thrilling to your touch, finger tipped adoration,
Gentle exploration of each other, awesome love,
Blissful this tender love before we in glorious
Unity entwine.

A sweet freshness of fragrant white lilies wafts over us
As we, in complete surrender, are intoxicated
By the passion of our love.
Lost in the splendor of our union
We cling to one another in abandoned vulnerability
And are transported to a world and time of our own.
Rhythm and movement, music from our hearts
And the dance of desire are the culmination 
Of this beautiful, blissful ecstasy.
As we become one, the world revolves, the birds sing,
The water flows, and the lilies bow their heads
In reverence to the ultimate expression of our love.

And our love becomes us in perfect symmetry, 
Dancers to the song of nightingales, naked in our glory,
Riding mounted to the edges of ecstasy.
Eyes locked in entranced wonder
For the soporific scent of gardenias
Love nest enthrallment, A la Fresco
Hidden from the eyes of the day
Until at evening we retrace our steps in hurriedly
Dressed embarrassment To the world we left behind,
You barefoot,  in bodice unbuttoned helplessness,
Me in heaven still. We two greengage lovers, walking  
In the silence that lovers employ to savor the beauty 
The splendor of our love.
And, in this cherished moment, the nightingales sang.


artwork by: Talantbek Chekirov


Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 1341 times
Written on 2007-12-04 at 07:21

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What more could be said?
Simply splendid!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
It was the most beautiful experience of any cowrite Katherine, just the way this text flowed from our thourghts was Splendor in itself . You are a beautiful poet and wow you are nice to be close to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxylk Michael