Brandon only knew one man as his father and that was my nephew. His biological father was never around. Brandon's mother died and my nephew took Brandon as his own at a very early age.

Brandon is Dead

Last night I sat in this very same place and wrote a joyful piece about my family. Tonight, after getting news that one of my grand nephews, Brandon, has died, I am overcome with sadness.  He died alone, in the home of his sister, in his sleep. He was found today by her after calling a friend to come and bust through a locked door. There he lay with blood coming from his mouth and nose. The paramedics said he had been dead for about eight hours.

His father, my nephew, said that Brandon had been to a "friends" house where the father of that friend had given him several tablets of Meth. (I am ignorant about the ways this drug is packaged so I am only repeating what was told to me). I suppose this resulted in an overdose and caused his death. An autopsy will answer those questions.

I am writing this now because I am overcome with emotions--anger (lots and lots of anger), deep, gut wrenching sadness, and frustration-- to mention a few for which I can find words. But this isn't about me. This is about a young man who lost his mother at an early age to death and was left with a man who raised him as his own. This young man I remember as a young boy growing into a teenager with all the trials, tests, and temptations that come with that age. He was a handsome young man, dark curly hair and blue eyes, a little on the small size in height but stocky. He struggled in school but had odd jobs to make himself some pocket money. His father was, at times, hard on him, but loved him just the same.

Eventually, Brandon came to work in his father's business, but became undependable and combative. He had started selling and using drugs. He was then told to the leave the home because of the influence and chaos he brought to that home where also lived his younger siblings. He eventually moved in with his sister who was living on her own.

Just recently, he had visited my brother, his grandfather, who had had open heart surgery. The last words spoken between them were words of forgiveness and love. And, now today, Brandon is dead.

Drugs are the modern day Plague. They kill, destroy, mutilate, annihilate, and obliterate families and lives physically, emotionally, and mentally. Drugs are vile, evil and hold nothing but pain for those who get bitten by their fangs, attacked by their poisonous tentacles, and swallowed whole by the demon mouths of their addiction.

This Plague is no respecter of person, privilege, place, or race. It is an equal opportunity destroyer. It is the snake that crawls down halls and up walls of homes and schools, through alley ways, streets, and playgrounds. It is the face of death. It is the face of nightmares. It is the face of society heading for
damnation. Drugs are the greatest War of all time. This war is sometimes hidden but always alive and well eating the heart of who we are.

Love your children. Pray for them. Pay attention to their wants and needs.
Know their friends and listen and look for the signs of distress. And, I must add to you, our youth, please do the same for your friends. Afterall, you are their peers and have a greater impact at this time of thier lives than anyone else. Love them that much to protect them from the ones who feed them the poison which will kill them. 

I don't know if this is the answer. I try to think what could have, should have, would have been done to save this one life. I wonder what I, not they, or he, could or should have done and I am left with no answer. I am only left empty and sad with tears shedding for a life that was taken so young in this horrible War of Drugs.



Words by Kathy Lockhart
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Written on 2007-12-11 at 05:31

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Zoya Zaidi
Dear Kathy, please accept my heat-felt condolences
on the untimely demise of your grand-nephew!

It indeed is a modern-curse of our times.
Drugs are a menace to be dealt with in all seriousness.
I think the fault lies with the competitive, combative society,
which just does not accept failure; which does not support
the weak, the vulnerable and the sensitive souls that are
so rare in the society these days that they are
termed and ridiculed as sissies and ninnies...
They end up resorting to escape mechanism,
which they very easily find in drugs...
May God give them the strength not to be lured
and the power of endurance to those who are hooked
and find it in them to overcome the curse and not to succumb.

May his soul rest in peace!
Love, Zoya

Dear Kathy,
I'm so sad to read your poem on the death of your nephew .You are right ,drugs are the greatest war so young people have to listen carefully to their parents and their attentions.

My heart is always with you .


This happens too much for I know my share of fam, friends and ppl lost to drugs nothing hurts quite as much when it hits home
No one is spared this pain and that's ashamed for one such as you, but once again you've chose to enlightened and show beauty thru it all..

Much Respect & LUV Kathy LovelyHEART

Dear Kathy, how could I tell you in words how sorry I feel?! Anyway I look at the tragedy you spoke of here, as a soon-to-be mother, as a woman, as a human being, as a soul, there is no such thing as a justification for such a death...I finished reading your message in tears, and still cannot help myself crying because I saw this kind of things around myself too, maybe too many times, and even though I try every time I can to tell people that the bond between parents and children must be one of love, and of care, and of so many positive things, they keep on ignoring that...Again, you have my deepest sympathy, and my prayers tonight will rise for Brandon too, and again for all those who have a hard time finding the right way before it is too late...
Lilly xxx

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
My deepest compassion , and shard sadness. But fore the grace of choyses made goos our young ones, even us.

Hugs , Ken D Williams

Christian Lanciai
Joining the universal chorus of sadness, regret and compassion...


Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
Dear Kathy, there are no words that can fully describe the mix of emotions at the passing of a young man, grief is so powerful and death can be so cruel, especially when a life is taken through drugs. This killer of our youth is a tragedy, as a mother of young men, I can only hope and pray that my sons resist the lure. My heart and prayers go out to you and all your family. This is a sad and powerful text and I like you, wish that this war of drugs can be solved.

Emma x

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Katherine this is a very sad day for you and for your family and for me because i hate the thought of you or your family hurting. This waste of a young lifein the war of drugs is so powerefully described in this text you have hit the right spot and this text should be publicised for its message to all society

my commiserations to you and your family in this sad time of loss and my love forever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxylk loves you

I am so sorry for your and your familys loss. It is such a terrible way these drugs detstroy lives ... and how true it is that we should look after our young our own and others...

My heart reaches out to to you and everyone living through the nightmares of drugs


My thoughts are with you and your grand nephew. Take care.