Christmas Past

Christmas was cinnamon sticks in jars
To keep the sugar fresh and sweet
With candles burning day and night
Incense and innocence a heady delight

Aromatic wine on stoves with cloves
That warmed you down to your toes
Because excited children love to clatter
Bare footed until told to scatter

And all the men had fat bellies
But ladies looked divine as dressed
In all the glittery, their best finery
Compact cases to smooth the shine.

Upstairs peeking through the rails
A hidden minstrel hiding there
We'd watch the couples and compare
With stolen sweets we had to share

Christmas was laden tables and
Oddly shaped wrapped up parcels
With shiny tassels that we'd pull
Hoping for our names on labels.

Sticky, feeling slightly sickly
Pine needles made our skin feel prickly
But the scents and smells of
Almonds encased in hard sugar shells.

Poetry by Elle
Read 495 times
Written on 2007-12-17 at 09:32

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M Heathcote
Hi Elle

Yes a lovely Christmas poem
I especially loved the second verse
the clatter & scatter of children.

Mark x

Peter J. Kautsky
yes, worth reading. This poem was my favorite in your collection. this verse really dances with an ancient magic of Christmas. Great gift. thank you. Pete

Chris Fernie
(Rein) dear Elle,

I read this aloud when I was a little tipsy and it made me cry with happiness! I love the carousel metre of this large portion of nostalgia, this wonderful Christmas present!

Thank you.

Love, as always,

Chris xxxxx

PS I shall write on Christmas Eve...

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Elle this piece of brilliant nostalgia takes me back to christmas when as a boy i hung my darned stocking up to await the ever present orange to stop the nuts falling out of the loose darning and the big bar of chocolate that
i treasured waiting for the inevitable grasp odf my sister who having ate hers all in one go hung around me to get a share of mine

Then enlisted the aid of my grandmother who always got me to give her some then passed it on to Josephine
lololol happy days
plum pudding ways and my mothers mince pies, so hard you could have used them for golf balls

lolol she never was the best pastry cook my mother god bless her, but the secret was
she thought she was the best and that made for a fun time
well done rgds Mike