metaphor and reality-a blending of the two

From a Petal to a Rose

The rose lay trampled under the foot
Of the brutal, dark, and evil troll.
He picked her from the flowering bush
And there he bled her of her soul.

Crushed and broken left for dead
A life drained upon the ground.
Until at last the Loving Knight
Saw and treasured what he'd found--

A remnant of a rosebud's petal
Smashed and almost faded, 
Memory of which was once her life
Now empty, lost, and jaded.

But with pure love he doth repair
The beauty that is inside her
With just one kiss of tenderness
She bloomed in his sweet ardor.

Now you can find them so entwined
True love for all to see
The Loving Knight of Hungerford
And his precious Rose of Albany.

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 1111 times
Written on 2008-01-27 at 09:00

Tags Love  Romance  Rescue 

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Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla
All hail to the knight in shining armor!
A celebration indeed is fit for saving the the sweet rose's honor!
I wish the never ending happiness for both of them.
Hope both will treasure each other more than the gem.

"And they live happily ever after." I love the way how you romanticised you lines. It's so beautifully done. great story my friend. Thanks for sharing. How are you my friend?

I smiled through this wondrous peek at love. Thank you for sharing this.

Rob Graber
What a romantic pleasure--
Indeed, a poetbay treasure!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
katherine this is a beautiful poem for the loving knight once of the knights of the round table and a coutier of the court of Hynigwa

There he met the fairest Rose of Albany and he fell in love and found beauty throughout the life of he that once though love had gone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxylk ly