Love Spell

Let me tell you
I think love is a five letter word.
You said that.

Do you hear its many syllables
When it springs from your tongue?
Or does it drop.. and pool like rain at your feet?
I can't decipher.
Let's keep to our dreams.

Love, again.
Where is the emphasis anyways?
On the l?
For life. For lust. For leap maybe.

The o perhaps?
For opportunity. For oxygen. But mostly for oops.

And the v?
For vicious I think... or was it virtue?

But the e?
Empty? Effort? Endeavor. Yes, endeavor.
That is what we do. Always.

Let's not even talk about the fifth letter.

I think it was your swagger.
That sway. Snagged.
Static cling and I clutch to you.
Crutch? Yes, that too.

Love. Spin it.
Evol? Evolve.
Cut it.
E vol? Electric volt.
There is your lighting,
Electrifying me again.

I think often of your confidence,
How silent but certain it was.
That makes all things beautiful.

Five letters I said?
Spell it for me one more time.

Poetry by Shawn Monahan
Read 712 times
Written on 2008-02-01 at 19:40

Tags Love  Poetry 

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WOW! this is awsome! I want to read it over and over! nice job!