The Merging of Three Incomplete Poems

The Merging of Three Incomplete Poems

Tonight, the streets are muddled-
Despite the naked sky that undulates above.
The dark angles of her hair cut shadows into
A deep golden complexion that radiates moonlit.

Black stilettos click the worn cobblestone,
As she pierces the warm blends of jazzy sound and neon light.
Like a stone traveling the rain.
Unmistakably beautiful.

She's been racing for some time.
Between ink-splattered days and
Half-sung duets.

He retires window-side.
For a starry grasp of cold air,
That slips off the ocean's curl
Rocking between their souls.
Beckoning and so on.

Two halves,
Whole again. chapter 1.
The oceans dried,
And you wondered home heartland.

How to pick up
What you never dropped off.
Endure to endeavor again.
I could never forget those clock counting nights.
Aloneness is intoxicating.

First glance.
First touch. First kiss.
Born again.
Taste again.
Breathe again.
Inhale, remember to exhale.

Two hearts that forgot they can skip
Entire beats.

I want to tell myself
About the movement.
I felt, when you stumbled yourself gone.
In half a heartbeat.

It's irony that deserves ink,
When losing something, someone- you,
Feels like winning something, someone, self.
Not that you'll be forgotten.

I hadn't realized my blood stopped churning.
That my lungs stopped collapsing.
That there was never a metaphor for the way our eyes locked.
Breathing was breathing,
And unspoken words stopped wavering between our lips.

Love became tangible, factual. Literal even.
Love with equations. Logic and reason.
Love with gravity. Grounded.
Love with subtitles.
With clauses.
It was love without questions. Without curiosity.

Without attitude.

Poetry by Shawn Monahan
Read 888 times
Written on 2008-08-28 at 03:45

Tags Love 

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