Before the
Sun-dipped clouds
And the pursuing constellations,
We tripped our way out
To the countryside,
Where life was lulled by atmospheric beauty,
And the quiet drone of my pickup
Drowns in summer sky.

Ushering it's farewell,
The sun sliced earth's end
And stain-glassed the sky
With fluorescent blush.
Our vision blurs,
Spilled into with the
Luring flare of
A rare horizon-
Seconds of color
Dribbling the canvas-
Fingerpaint trickling from God's hands.

We pressed our backs deep against the globe,
Motionless to the streaking watercolored sky
That consumed us.
Fluorescent reds crashed the sapphire-
Imbuing pure white cotton with wildfire.
Fire that burned our reason,
Our understanding,
Our gravity.

Night comes like a cascading wave,
Inching our bones
Into confinement,
As we glowed firefly-
The last ember of sunset,
Against the blanketing darkness.

We never spoke
As Van Gogh's imagination lay before us,
A dashboard spanned beauty,
A landscape of brush stroke.
Stars like sirens,
That swallow and twist,
Into the infinite dark pools of space.

We lived huddled, pinned
Beneath heavenly sundowns
And a world of galaxy
That swallowed us in silence.

Poetry by Shawn Monahan
Read 703 times
Written on 2008-02-01 at 19:40

Tags Love  Poetry 

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