Abstract Love

the buzzing frequency of the television
is mixing well with the accelerated beat, beat, beat of our hearts,
an acoustic four-chambered drum,
that rhythms the ruby blood between our laced bodies.

sounds blur
and thread the sunset-like color spills over the room.
color that slips between the cracks of your hair,
and catches the reflection of iris within iris.

we lay intertwined
looking like Picasso pieces-
on the wooden floorboards.
our silhouettes constellated
against the canvas.

breathing becomes an intimate task,
and within your clasp,
we rise and fall as an ocean tide.
breaths like waves that resonate between our lips.

gravity pulls me in,
presses my palm into you.
our fingertips begin to thoughtfully tapdance,
tango and tuck,
at the rips, twists, and seams of skin.

we're slow motion,
as if movement would unravel us,
throbbing in the dead still of space.

I am senses full now.
I am reckless now.
as counterpart to you.
as part of you.

Poetry by Shawn Monahan
Read 898 times
Written on 2008-02-01 at 21:45

Tags Love  Poetry 

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