This is a spoken word perfomance that a friend of mine and I conjured to protest
against the rigged Kenyan election that has plunged the country into chaos. The Kenyan govt rigged the election, they violated human rights,persons were butchered,tribal

Fuck The Process

When democracy is not exercised properly
And its left plain for people to see
Emotions are provoked
Quickly followed by violent scenes
It seems
like when power is with the people and their rights are infringed
It triggers a craving from within their beings
To take to the streets
And express their emotions with violent deeds.
Indeed the seeds of peace inside their beings
Transform into spots where hatred breeds
A peaceful Kenyan reduced to one that kills.

As the foreigner divests
The police litter our streets with armored vests
Live rounds, fired as the man protests
His life is lost but his spirit still contests,
The verdict
From the leaders who now thump their chests
Gloating over ill-achieved political conquests,
From their well protected government nests
Igniting the incidences of violence
From non-incited dissidents
Who have since had their rights masturbated on
By the 'democratic electoral processes'
Irking a number of foreign presidents
Fervently requesting for peace to take precedence.
Cruelly, the 'administration' openly distances
Itself from the peace brokers' offers on several instances
Preferring to make shoot-to-kill orders from their State House offices
Meanwhile, the hospitals are brimming with bleeding innocence,
A testament of the level of moral decadence
Instigated by The Main Tribe's resistances,
Yet to experience the heat from the burning furnaces

Truth be felt when your own deeds
Spills seeds of retribution
This nation did cast votes
As an exclamation Kenyans got robbed
Through the only medium they got the ballot box
The only interface between People and governance
With no relevance to rights and Humanity
Your calls for patriotism is pure mockery
Your Selfish endeavors reflects such despicable vanity
Self-destruct policies
Basking in bliss sure does your family
In glass houses where you live
They glow in prosperity
Contrary to blood spilling in streets clots on Kenya's virility
Blocking tubes of the election process
No results conceived killing our motherland's fertility
Rigging experts, you have deflowered first time voters' ability
In quoting Kenya's national anthem stanzas sequentially
And now the youth's future has no guarantees
Plus my loyalty pledge now offers fury
Because Tribal fascism a clear description of your leadership
Created animosity between peaceful coexisting tribes
now they are each other's adversaries
Rallying religious cronies to join in your outright hypocrisy
Why drag the name of the almighty in palms so greasy
Democracy is just word when people are dying and starving
As a result of your laxity
In disregarding national interests to secure your scores within a capacity
As controlling freaks instigators of our country's adversity
Perpetuating greed constantly using schemes
Oppress then press the media to darkness
Blind us not, to notice theft in broad daylight
Uniformed thugs set on slums
Shoot to kill
Those fighting for rights end up in plight
Dear lord strike them with such might
Because their judges cant tell left from right
Pathetic charade from Cardinals and bishops a confused praying breed
Praying for peace but where is the justice
Stop calling God's name in vain
But you.... you are the cause of this pain
You country club old folkie coffee stained
Starched shirt cufflink pin stripe suited frame
For all lives lost and my own demise
Every time you set your evil eyes
On my kind
Let this poem be a constant reminder
Let the flames across the country
Reach your doorstep
Then for sure the fire you lit
Will have a reason to stop.

Poetry by in'kwa
Read 490 times
Written on 2008-02-08 at 14:19

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