It's about realizing your in love but being afraid. Its about emotions that are hold inside one person because of the choice he/she made. This is for those who have sacrificed their love to do some thing else for the important people in their life.

Losing love...

I respect him,
that man in front of me,
I wish he would look back at me,
but what I really want is to walk beside him,
to be a part of him,
to put a smile on that serious face,
to give him challenges in whatever case,
but I'm scared,
of weakness,
of changes,
of oppositions
and of revealing my inner self.

All I could do is admire him from afar,
and look as he soar above the sky
away from me...
Beyond the barrier between us,
So high and far away from my reach,
Leaving my hand holding out to nothingness
Letting go...

There will be pain,
in the thing that beats in me,
There will be confusion,
in that part of me that thinks of him,
There will be regret,
in that part of me that lives.
No matter what i have to hold on to my wish;
To put the important ones before myself,
To stay true to my promise,
What pain,
What torture,
What lost,
I have to let go
and walk on the path I choose before...

This is my choice,
This is my future,
This is my final journey...

Poetry by syer
Read 880 times
Written on 2008-02-16 at 00:02

Tags Love  Lost  Syer 

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