If I am not God, why did you give me birth?


Without our throne
You have no appointment

What a move it was
To drop us amidst nature
And and and...

To saddle us with
The eye for the edge of the universe

How you thrive on the roar in-between
And the shaken minds, supine spines

I am not blinded by your aura, its galloping dependency

I am as much a God as you
I get up
I contrive my kingdom within yours

Death's inevitability holds no subservience

I am I
I don't look to you
I look with you

At the signatures
We leave
The miracles
We weave
In lives conceived

By you

Poetry by Arranging_words
Read 1028 times
Written on 2005-12-28 at 09:16

Tags God  Death  Miracle 

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