in creative writing, we were supposed to use 5 of these 7 images, and make a poem. a three-car pileup, a dead skunk, a partially full waterbottle on the road, two people kissing, a cat drinking milk, a painted light switch, and an old gameboy.

God Tangles and He Untangles.

"i'll see you in the
morning," you
promised me. but at 8:53,
when the sun was
all the light we would have
needed, you were still
asleep, upstairs, lights all

here, in steven's car, you
watch from the shotgun as
he catches his mother around her
waist and she kisses
him, to his chagrin. you are
slowly sipping water, hydrating,
trying not
to think of me. (instead you
think: dear liver,
you're a champ, thanks for
all your hard work.) your phone
goes off; i am calling you
to let you know
that i have no regrets, counting
on your cowardice to let me
go to voicemail. you frown and
throw your water bottle out
of the window at steven's
head. it lands with a thud in the driveway.

steven's cat stalks
through the yard. on the porch, a bowl of
milk awaits it.
you just want to drive away
from me.
"hurry up," you call, annoyed.

you are dead. the last
thing you said to him, while you
two were driving down the interstate, back
to college, was
my name. then the
tractor trailer happened, exactly
the way you happened to
me. with no warning.

Poetry by MiVidaDeEpílogos.
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Written on 2008-02-26 at 02:55

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1. three car pileup.
2. waterbottle.
3. kissing.
4. cat.

5. = lights? counts as lightswitch?

you know how neurotic i am.

i desire.
many things.
for example, what was the fifth image you used? i never did do well at math.

this is so beautiful. i hope your teacher appreciates it half as much as i do. the ending. yeah wow.

so write more.

[yeah, they won't let me write anything else over at inked.
lame, much?]

p.s., since there wasn't enough space in the introduction.
i'm officially NOT ready to talk about this, yet.