this goes out to all you people who think that love will never come to you or that love is always dragging you down.

chin up, learn to love yourself first.

my love.

she burst through those two big brown doors and into the starry, still summer night. she ran out, throwing her flowers into the still lake that seemed to reflect her whole world, the reflection that she no longer understood. "Who AM I?" She yelled out into the eerie silence that lay before her. "When did normality become a struggle? When?"

she ran as far she could, even in her heels and long white flowing dress. she ran so far until it felt like her life was catching up on her, or at least until she felt like there simply was no point anymore.

she sat down, by the side of a corn field, tears streaming, mascara running, and her dress damp from the afternoon rain. how long could she run? how long could she run away from herself and from who she'd become? some nights she lay awake just wondering where it all went wrong, or at least where it all started.

and every time she wondered, she knew she'd never get an answer. or at least, she'd never fully understand. as much as it frustrated her, she knew she could never face her past but here she was, running away from her future, running away from her supposed happiness. she loved him, and he loved her. wasn't that the only thing that mattered?

but somehow, his love was never enough.. how could it be when she couldn't ever learn to love herself?

Short story by Caoimhe Murphy
Read 498 times
Written on 2008-03-23 at 13:57

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ngaio Beck
Very uplifting,and solid advice.