What did I ever do to anger you?

angry angels +

paint the smiles across my face
stroke of a brush, flick of the wrist
everything else ceases to exist

don't dictate how I hide my voice
don't dictate how I make a choice
lost I may be but honesty is my key

a heart that's torn from seam to seam
a mind that wanders, always in a dream

the angels must be angry at me,
for I can seem to do no right.
I fought and fought to no avail...
oh how I wish I knew what this pressure did entail

too late to turn back on this hard path,
too late for forgiveness, to solve the numbers and math

life as I knew it has changed forever,

now mommy, now daddy,


may I blame the angels now?

Poetry by Caoimhe Murphy
Read 719 times
Written on 2008-08-08 at 06:41

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