winter rain-
a few steps ahead

Haiku by Mukul Dahal
Read 776 times
Written on 2008-03-30 at 12:02

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Wangdi Gyalpo
Great Work...! Indeed great work. It touched my heart, it's very good to know that there are people in Nepal with such a profound skill in writing. I liked this particular haiku of yours because of three reasons.

First, it expresses the universal truth and filled with optimisim.

Second, it reminds me of a famous line which Sheely or Keats wrote, although I don't remember who actualy wrote it... it goes this way.. " If winter is near can spring be far behind.?"

Third, I did mention about the same theme although in a different manner quite long time back in one of my poetry. I wrote,
'Although it's reality that past has now lost its lustre,
but am I wrong to believe that glitter will come in future."

A small query, which I would like to request you to clearify it. I too write Haiku. However, as far as my knowledge is concerned Haiku was originated from Japan. It has certain fixed rules particulary with syllables. The structure of a haiku is 5-7-5. Although some poets from abroad has taken liberty to twist it... but in my opinion I don't think that it is a haiku... then... because I found that to be able to express oneself fully within seventeen syllables is a thing....

very pithy and picturesque!