the past, the mistakes, the regrets.

THAT LITTLE GIRL, that little one.

the trust she has is overwhelming
her child-like wonder, freely accepting
to trust, to love, to hate, to lie
she knows not the differences that combine

her heart not set on one, but many
her faith, her fears, her dreams grow steady
her little fragile heart, so easily manipulated
that day, that life, that she once hated

to protect, to love, to serve forevermore
she asks you nothing, but she does implore
she loves mommy, she loves her daddy
the heavy weight of memories, she will forever carry

promise me, you will hold on
let morning break at the crack of dawn
promise me, you will move on
but trust & love & happiness, never will be gone

the years go by, the memories fade
except the angel, that you once made
our hearts, our thoughts, always with you
our hopes, our prayers, will never leave you

apologies are years too late
the memories, the love, so filled with hate
that little girl, that little one
shes gone forever, 'cause from truth you did run.

Poetry by Caoimhe Murphy
Read 581 times
Written on 2008-03-31 at 13:23

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