do i need to have a description?
i miss him and i always will.
he's the only one who makes me feel like this, the only one.

from the heart.

i still love you,
but that i'm afraid to admit.

i still dream about you,
but it wouldn't matter.

everywhere i look, everywhere i stare
you're holding her
the way i once wished you'd hold me

everywhere i look, everywhere i stare
her name you always call
the way you once called mine

i wish things were different
i wish for my heart's desire to come true
i wish for you and me
i wish that you could just see
i wish to feel like i once did
i wish that the past wouldn't matter
i wish the future wasn't knocking

but wishing doesn't help me,
wishing doesn't change it.

you love her, not me.

Poetry by Caoimhe Murphy
Read 610 times
Written on 2008-04-07 at 17:38

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Callisto Jean
I hate the truth in this poem. I feel so raw when I read it. It's like dousing a skinned me in salt water. I love it. I love feeling what I really feel. It helps. Therapeutic I think is the word.

*Sigh* We're in the same boat but there's nothing to rejoice about that. :( I wish both of us could "abandon ship" and just start over.

Anyway, hope the princess moves on from her supposed prince charming turned fugly dragon.

Smile for me. =]