some fiction that wanted to be told at 2am.


The roar of the sea was calling her to its shores.
With each crash of the frothing waves she took
one more step out the door. Like a marionette
she was led step by step, arms moving in
an awkward skewed rhythm as she
did as the master called her to do.
The master, the puppeteer, the voice in her head
the string maker, the mind breaker
the taker of her life.

He watched as she stumbled out the door heading
for the shore. He smiled that smirk of a grin, the one
that does her in each time he shows it.

He knows it

And he enjoys it...

All she hears now is death; the scream of the gulls
as the ocean lulls her to its domain. She's insane
crawling now leaving long drag lines behind her
as she pulls herself to her death bed.

He slams the door just as he had slammed her
many times before. Those words were more violent
than his fists. But again he couldn't resist the need
for control, the power to take her soul as he
moved those mental strings to entwine her
in a web of his deceit.  Now mission complete, he
scurries away like the black hearted spider he is.

The dankness, the darkness, the dementia
all fed  her, led her to her destination delirious
and without a look back she plunged into the
belly of the whale, the ocean swell, and became
a part of the vastness of her emptiness.

Back to where she longed to be...

Drinking in the salty brine, she felt her gills
take form and as her fins appeared, she
swam away to serenity.

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 1208 times
Written on 2008-04-19 at 08:45

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Wow those are beautiful words and so creative. It made me wish I could transform into a butterfly or a mermaid and just sail away into some place safe and warm with lots of shelter.

Beautiful piece of work here Kathy. I love the way you have it put together. Definitely one of those 2:00 a.m. writes--I have them at times myself. I love writing at that time of night when everyone else is asleep. The quiet and solitude gives one plenty of peace and space to think what he/she wants to say especially when writing with pen and paper. Great work my friend!


Rob Graber
What a surprise ending! It reminds me of an old Simon & Garunkel song that ends when a boy, having finally leapt from a high ledge, flies away...

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Oh Katherine this poem this story is so sad it moved me deeply you have thepenchent for these lapses into sadness at itmes and you tell them so vividly but in the vastness of time tell her that some one loves her very deeply xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxylk ly very deeply