she was and is a beautiful soul, Daisy B. Belcher Lockhart

Dear Mother, A Letter of Remembrance

I went to your grave today
Where you and daddy lay
In body but not in soul;
You parted eight years ago.
And while I lingered there
I remembered the softness of your hair--
The way it curled above your brow.
I think of it even now 
The way it shimmered like corn silk
Enhancing your skin as smooth as milk.
Oh, my dearest mother
I miss your voice like no other--
The comfort of your tender words.
Your singing of hymns I often heard
Bring me such a peace today
As I think of you and the way
You lived your life as Jesus said.
By His words and deeds, you were led.
And how your prayers helped me see
The trust of a woman on bended knee
Offering herself in complete submission
To the Holiness of God's guided mission.
For you in the life you truly lived
Are a reflection of the love you'd give
To any who would pass your door
You gave a blessing that oft restored
Faith in the lonely and rejected.
You were spiritually infected
With the tenderness of God's grace.
You lived it out; it showed in your face.
Oh, my momma so merciful and good
Thank you for showing me the way I should
Live, love, and forgive.
Thank you for the life you lived.
The flowers that I left for daddy and you
Are nothing compared to the beauty true
Of all that you were and are and will be
Sweet Mother, you mean the world to me.

I miss you...


Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2008-05-02 at 01:46

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Kathy, this poem has gotten so many comments I don't know what else to say. So I'll just make it simple BEAUTIFUL.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
You have described our mother perfectly. I am smiling through my tears thinking of all you have said here. What blessings we had throughout out lives from the parents and family God gave us!

Dear Mom you are the most beautiful mother on earth, Im so glad we've met and my angel gave me wings to reach you...thank you for your poetry,and for your mother dear...thank you sharing..kisses

Sandra Ephraim
I once heard a wise old sage say it is the stories we tell, write down, send around generation to generation that preserves the memories of great people who walked upon this Earth. You did your dear mother proud!

i think everything has been written by you in poem and by priya in a single there is nothing more coming in my mind to write more..heheeeheheee..

but well done...Kathy with a mother's love in this world is the purest love i ever saw..we cant compare the love of other with the mother's love because she will always want to see you happy and gay..

as you described in your poem ..that love is a Rohaani pyaar...that you love with learn everything from your parents..."I am dreamer by my parents" I am hard working by my father I am mannered guy by my mother, I know how to make my ......................

so these small things worth a lot...for me they are..

we cant forget our parents..even they had went to heaven..but they still love childhood we learn that..everyone who died become a star in the eyes..and we love to see stars..people say that mother is still caring of her child as she bcome star..we cant describe everything about love of words..this is too vast..there are so many examples in indian stories..that will.......................

but nice poem..with so much love and affection you wrote this poem..with feelings


this is so nice of you ..a great tribute to your mother...Mother is everything for a child..even the child grows up..that will still remain a child for mother..being a mother you know better...bacuase she has so many resposibilities..we cant compare mother's love with any other's love..mother's love is so pure and kind..she loves her child always...even when she punish them...after some moments she forgets everything and again a happy..hehehe...mother can live without food but she always fed her child..she would not like to see her child hungry, sad..she always want to see them cheeer....and happy....Mother is the second name of God...

you beautifully expressed your words..thanks for sharing this poem with us...i must save this ....well done..beautiful than ever...

I'll be very small before you to say Well Done kathy...I should not recall your name....respective manner i must say "Tusi Bahut Hi Kamaal the Poem Likhi hai, tuhada bahut bahut dhanwad"

these words are of punjabi....



lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Katherine this is a wonderful tribute for your mother and so appropriate as mothers day approaches she sound so lovely and as pretty as you by all accounts this is a poem that reveals your love and your missing of her. well done katherine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxylk ly vm this is going into my favs baby