Let the heart Say Hello ........

Don't try to stick the label for the relation
It may be friendship, may be love ...
Whatever it may be
Let the relation flow like a gentle breeze...

Nature doesn't think about it ...
It only evoke the pure spirit of human heart
That can only bind the relations...

The breeze which flow will not ask for the name
It don't see the beauty, there is no boundary,
There is no cast, no religion ...
It flows as it like...

Still I believe looking at the stars
This is the only relation which can
Fill my empty heart with the motherly love
This is the only relation, can bring energy to my mighty pen.

Think it is insanity, not the way of human being!
May be it is the way of angels!
whether we like or not
Let the heart to say hello every day .....

Poetry by dinesh
Read 687 times
Written on 2008-05-05 at 10:52

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