last night i sat in park in the early hours of the morning.
the moon was my reading light, or rather, my writing light.
poetry heals me in ways no one knows.


tonight i'll write away the pain
tonight i'll write away my hurt
poem after poem, the hurt grows strong
poem after poem, my heart slows its song

i miss you and i just can't handle this no more.

you were my guidance
you were my moonlight in the dark
you were my candle in the wind
you were my angel as i lay sleeping
you were my evening star, the first to shine
you were the sun-split sky, on my cloudy day
you were my always.
you were my forever.
you were my everything.

my heart aches for you.
i miss you.

Poetry by Caoimhe Murphy
Read 578 times
Written on 2008-05-24 at 16:49

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