Life has been too harsh on this girl....she needs a break!

To my friend, Heleina

There is nothing ordinary about this girl!
She literally fell down life's ladder...
And despite all that she cant stop smiling.?.
She lost her daddy too.
And when things couldnt get worse
Got pregnant before she knew what she wanted.
And while so young had to withstand
All the bad things everyone said about her boo.
And this one guy who meant the world to her,
Had to go all the way to South Korea for work!
.....she was six months by then.
And had the whole year ahead
To make it work for her and the baby...
Never for one minute doubting
He would come back for her
And on the seventh month
She lost her baby without warning.
And went through the whole thing alone
Only calling me the next day to see her.
And when things couldnt get worse,
She had to leave home-people didnt like her anymore!
So last I heard she went to her boyfriend's house
And found he hadnt paid the rent for this and last month.
She has all her posessions there you see
And he's so far and doesnt still have the money yet
And when she came to me...
And that thought has driven a double edged sword in my heart.
She is my friend
I am all she has
And yet have nothing to give.

Poetry by she
Read 728 times
Written on 2008-05-31 at 17:16

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
She , you gave Helena , great gifts. You gave her the love of your freindship. The gift of your time , the gift of time once given , can not be taken back or replaced.
Your poem , She , is well writan , well put over , I thank you.

Ken D ( Williams )