Tough Choices

A choice between life and death
Both awaiting paradises
of freedom and rest.

How can I choose
between two people
both dear,
both close to my soul.
How can they make me choose?

When he peddles lies
And she I cannot trust
when ugly untruths
become the hallmark of my days...
what am I expected to do?

How can they
who say they love me so
give me an either-or
and claim it is not personal?
how can I tear my heart in two
and not kill myself in the process?

Difficult, agonizing, suicidal.
Why me? why them? why us?
Why the change in direction?
This pain. Its zombie-like.
Surreal and utopia-like....
and I am looking for escape.

You cannot love me
When you hate yourselves
I am not me,
But I am both of you.
When you ask me to take sides,
when you say lies
to make me hate you both
what you dont realize
is that you are killing me.
Without you both,
I am nothing.

So it seems
I cannot go right
and neither can I go to the left.
Unless of course,
I am cut into two
For each to have a piece
and gloat to the other
(as you do now)
But does it matter?
My heart is already dead.

Poetry by she
Read 899 times
Written on 2009-07-07 at 17:17

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
I can only say this , She . There comes a time , that the self has too come first , yes too be selfish.

Take care , She , all the best.

Ken ( D Williams )