i write when i'm upset.

-out out

gone gone, he's gone away
past the mountains, and bales of hay
from alberta out to bc
left his life of misery
left behind all of his friends
because of a love that was sure to end.
off to find a better life
without this hardship, pain and strife.
and now i stand, alone and sad
wishing him the happiness he never had
except with me, but now its done
he always thought i was the one.
but times changed, so did i
too much i greived too much i cried
the one last thing i couldnt take
i gave him my heart, it was his to break
i broke his too, boy i know it
and now i sit, a lonesome poet
writing down my inner feelings
trying to stop my head from reeling
i know that everything heals with time
but for now i need to write my rhymes
get out on paper whats in my head
beafore it consumes and leaves me for dead

Poetry by dre
Read 603 times
Written on 2008-07-29 at 23:16

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