Feel asleep
with your words
sounding in my mind
neither of us
is skilled at being kind

Each word
in my mind penetrating
Your view of me
so black and white it's frustrating

I've read between the lines
of your verbal attack
and these are the words
you never can take back

Your think my mind is sleeping
as into the relms of my being you are creeping
there's no secret from you I am keeping
sick of falling asleep after soul deep weeping

Your opinion described so delicatley
didn't spare the sword, spare hurting me
each judgemental phrase
shows that you and me where just a phase

I bit my tounge swallowed my replies
no point in upsetting your victourious eyes
Mumbling, stumbling, not wanting to debate anything

You said your peace and made it so clear
but please don't be waiting for my tears
coz you summed it up perfectly
it was a mistake... to be with me

I went to sleep with your words
sounding in my mind
Neither of us
is skilled at being kind

Words by Helen Warren
Read 502 times
Written on 2008-07-31 at 16:50

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
one of the most stupid '' poems'' , we as children hear , from '' grown ups'' , who should no better is: '' sticks and stones maybrake my bones , but words will never hert me. What a load of unfeling. Words cut deep , brake the spiret , injurs from stiks and stones mend. But words course a bleeding that never stops , a broken spiret , never mends.
Well writan , Helen , as all your wonderful poems and stries are , I , thank you .

Ken ( D williams )

Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla
There's a an expression that says " To hit me with your fist , that I can take, But to hit me with your words, that will give me a heartache." You've said it perfectly clear and it's quite good to note that you did not shed your tears. great write my friend.

Kathy Lockhart
Helen this is very powerful in expressing the deepest felt pains of conflict carried out through words that cut deeply and wound intensely.