unfinnished lyric - not sure if the meaning is actually clear - might scrap it and start again


Lacking patience
cursing time
wanting better memories
than all these excusse lines
I packed up my plans
and threw them out
Trying harder not to think

Coz thinking leaves me bitter
and shaking like I'm cold
swallowing words that desribe
the pain I hold
It makes me old
cold, cold,cold

I notice the distance
it used to eat me up inside
yet I'll never get used to it
how you've got me feeling dead inside
Wanting more than anything
to have my heart truly enjoy beating
let go of the pain I hold
It makes me old
cold, cold, cold

Words by Helen Warren
Read 667 times
Written on 2010-06-26 at 03:36

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
I like it esp the opening