I feel helpless in this

i just wish I knew what to do

Its not something anyone can fix

no one can control it

Just have to stop letting everything

envelope things in gray

darkness blocks my veiw and its cloudyness stays

Words by Helen Warren
Read 621 times
Written on 2008-08-04 at 16:19

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
When I feel helpless , I seek out a freind , my frerind smiles '' whats , the problem , mate?'' we talk it thro , the salutation we find. '' right , mate , lets get it fixst'' , then I smile , lifes not so bad , all the time your freind is their , with a smile , and both ears open and all the willing too listen. And as you Aussie's say , Helen ''cos he's/she's me mate''.

Ken ( D Williams )