Some of the last words from each line can be joined with the beginning of the next line to make something new.

Lakes you dream of rippling/Muscles in your back [Rippling muscles.]

Too fast, too Fast.

You are an echo
Bounced back from a picture of
Moutains where we might have died
A little on the inside when you turn
On the darkness to say hello to your eyelids
closing in remembrance
Of the cold floor, barefoot
In the meadow,
Green grass painting
A single shade of blue
On the acrylic canvas
Ripped into one thousand pieces
of your puzzle laying placid
Lakes you dream of rippling;
Muscles in your back--
Home in your arms, tight
Like springs in the back of my mind
There was

Words by Inked.
Read 1126 times
Written on 2006-01-14 at 16:45

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Oh I really like this one :)

You know I absolutely love this.

It is so... intense.

Remember that time we went walking in the woods at 4 in the morning and the moon made us infinite?

Hi ! ... I agree with Penfold ... Well done ! ...... Ciao ! ...... Glen ( GB )

Zoya Zaidi
Spring comes and springs up
A thousand surprises,
Leaves when grow not so green,
You look for greener pastures,
Winds when whirl round & make,
Whirlpool in the ocean, and
Darveshes when they dance,
Whirling like the tops,
that cannot stop...

Amany splendored piece, Inked!!!
Just keep it up!!!
xxx, Zoya

Well done, really liked this one, keep it up :-))