A random mix of short verse...

Please enjoy~ :)

Lost words~

Desire not what you seek,
Cherish not what you lost...

A friend is a gentle soul that takes a place in your heart,
A lover is the person that takes control of your heart.

Everyone suffers from Lost, Pain, Fear.
It is not the feelings we get that matters but
what really matters is facing these feelings
and changing the path foretold before you,
never giving up and live on forever.

Destiny is just a small path laid before you.
You choose which path you would lead.
God gave you a future
but it is up to you to change it.

When you are lost,
look up at the wide blue sky,
know that you are not alone,
that the world is big enough for everyone,
to share,
to live,
to gain happiness,
you should not despair at the little things,
coz' there are more out there.

If I was given only one life to live,
I would live it to the fullest.
This would be my last chance
to make up for everything
but I shouldn't be greedy,
I shouldn't be sad,
I should accept what is given,
and try to make the best of it,
because only then will I live on forever.

Poetry by syer
Read 624 times
Written on 2008-10-09 at 23:57

Tags Touching 

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