the awkward fledgling

my hair massacred and
brown, ugly.
hideous girl!
braces like gaudy
my busdriver stopped me and said
and i flushed with shame.

all the boys said,
"you are the ugliest girl,"
and i felt like all my teachers
cringed. and the pretty girls
just floated on their clouds
and left me to grasp at the

i wore a lot of jeans and black shirts,
my hips were jutting out but
at all the wrong angles.
pudge and putrid
mess--that was me.
spottings of acne, my body was
no birth of venus
i was just an ogre.

and then i grew, by the end of highschool
my hair long and black. full hips,
fuller mouth.
longer legs, i learned to use makeup, skin
blossomed into a startling paleness. i
was getting attention. i was so
scared because i still felt like the Ogre
and it wouldn't ever
go away
to this day

i blushed like wine and the roses i
jealously adored. i wore dresses and skirts
and heels. but i still see her.
and sometimes i look in the mirror and say,
"who is she?"
i'm not ready for her
she is too

Poetry by anguisette
Read 887 times
Written on 2008-10-11 at 02:54

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Brian Oarr
Merde! You made me cry reading this piece. Hope you're happy! I would like to see more simile and metaphor in your work, but you're already writing brilliantly.


Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
I think a lot of girls can indentify with this, excellent poem

Elle x

Rob Graber
A very enjoyable coming-of-age poem!