the colors are beautiful but then comes the nakedness, the true beauty of the tree.

Autumn Revelation

A nd the world is blazon, an

U ltimate sensation, as

T ime takes the breath out of green

U ntil it leaves the brilliant colors seen

M any fly upon the cooling breeze- leaving

N othing but the beauty of barren trees

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 612 times
Written on 2008-10-13 at 03:36

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John Lambremont, Sr.
Very nice write. The third line is just outstanding.

Beautiful poem! I love it; I love Autumn, Spring, Winter and Summer. Come to think of it I just love life and living, but right now I especially love your poem. What are these called where the first letter begins the sentence of the title? I was trying to tell Carolyn about this type poem a few days ago and could not remember the name of them to save my life or hers either had our lives depended on it.
Great work my beautiful friend.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
How beautiful and cleaver! A vivid poem that imprints a photograph in the mind.

The beauty of barren trees is so very true!
Beautifully expressed, as always!

Ultimate sensation of colours seen, your poetry comes alive with my senses exhileratered from reading this seasonal piece of art so beautifully expressed and felt.

I wrote an autumnal write today too.
But it is a different spirit that moved mine.

I love your sprite-ly muse.
Can I borrow the tinsel-crowned minstrel
who taught you to write acrostix?