a look at the child

The Little Girl Who Cries

Daddy, oh Daddy why did you leave me behind
I wanted you to carry me but you had not the time
I cried and I ran as fast as I could
Daddy, oh Daddy if only you would
Turn around and see the little girl who cries
Daddy you left me and never said our goodbyes
I heard you and Mommy fighting again
Daddy why don't you love us; just pretend
Did I do something wrong, something so bad?
Daddy I just want the security I had
When we were a family who smiled and played
Daddy I am sad now that you've gone away.

mommy, oh mommy are you here? i'm scared and alone
mommy, oh mommy when will daddy come home?

Poetry by Elizabeth Rose
Read 833 times
Written on 2008-10-17 at 22:15

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ur poem was a relection of a child ...u expressed the feelings of that child who is dying to talk to his parents ..who is dying to get love from their parents..nice beautifull u wrote..well done

sorry i read ur poems very lately..
but even then i would like to welcome u here

Welcome to poetbay, bay of love, inspiration and peace

Nice quote on ur profile..i admire and respect

Unfortunately there are millions of children put in this little girls position and you describe well, how it looks from their young point of view, I have been there myself and saw the consequences of men and women staying together for the sake of the children, generally making all concerned very unhappy and eventually ending in more acrimonious splits....An interesting way of presenting a poem Elizabeth, not quite traditional sonnet form either, but these days of single parents hoods, are not traditional yet. Hopefully when Obama get elected, THE FAMILY will again be top priority and the role of parents respected finally. With or without two parents at home, both parents have the care and responsibility of doing the best for their child forever imo. Good first read, welcome to the bay of poetic discovery,

Smiling at you,


i had tears in my eyes when i was reading this.. :(