death is Nazism's synonym

Black Velvet Sky,part two.

What do you see
maybe how do you feel
as you look at one's eyes
and see the pain,the terror,the coldness?

For I can see Death's shadow
slowly,like a lizard, climbing over our windows
with the star of David wrapped around his wrist
I want to scream,but the SS will murder me--

As if they won't point their guns at me anyway.

I can see them with their cold eyes
their hands are tools,their pace means nothing good
for they are the angels of Hell
angelic hair,angelic eyes,but their souls burn in hell--

For how long will we stay here,as if we're animals?
I can't, she can't, we all can't
all our stregth,all our inner power
fades away,day by day--

this terror has a Nazi's face
and I want to tear it apart

Forgiveness be mine

Poetry by Eva
Read 714 times
Written on 2008-11-12 at 22:48

Tags Nazi  Death  Holocaust 

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Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
My grandmother died in a camp, so it is always poignant to me when I read about anything to do with the holocaust - I never knew her or my mother who died when I was young - its steeped in my personal history, yet something I still yearn to find out more - for me, interesting and another look at something that I still find disturbing

Elle x