welcome to the new kind of nation

The veil

One cold day

I woke up.

There was no music nor sounds

it seemed the world has silenced

the voices were no longer heard

was this the end?

human race full of disgrace

beasts of tomorrow in this petty pace

from day to day

if you are a friend you can stay

since you don't have numbers sealed on your hands

the dirty parasites of human race, what an irony

dirty minds dirty parasites,the roles have changed

my soul still cannot bear this toughness

welcome to the new kind of nation

characterized by persecution and eternal damnation.

They may kill, they may not die

but still "GOD" will be by their side.



pull the veil off your faces;

You don't mourn for the dead anymore.

Poetry by Eva
Read 481 times
Written on 2008-11-13 at 21:24

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