living only for tomorrow is like a play without an audience.

silent applause

parting is never sweet sorrow

when there are no more morrows

only yesterdays

when life was a play

now the curtain is closed

as the audience goes

leaving only silent applause

without a single pause

waiting for no more tomorrows

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 958 times
Written on 2008-11-28 at 02:39

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No more morrows and only yesterdays possibly never to be repeated. Then again maybe--just maybe we can meet someone new--I know that if something should happen to me I would hope that Carolyn would and be happy. If something should happen to Carolyn first, I am sure that I would look for another, because Carolyn and I have been so happy together that I can't imagine being alone also because we have been together for so many years. I have told her so, and she agrees that I should, but she says that she would probably stay single.

Great work my wonderful friend!

Rob Graber
Also, a play without an audience is the ultimate flop... Stimulating write.

What we have to do Kathy is find a new play, get that bloodied stage and give it our best performance of our poetic lives, which is what you do here, in closing this curtain on this particular play of your yesterday....I know it is hard, I am still trying to close a curtain of three years ago, not to mention the big one! I daren't even go there....Keep your beautiful chin up and remember mike would hate to see you cry or give up. He was the most encouraging influence in my writing life. Do it for him when you can't do it for you. That is what I do. Put on the face and smile, because my dearly departed expected it of me. Smiling right now, thinking of him, Tai x

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Profound and sadly true. Very good work.