A Hymn to Unhappiness

Today , it was another sweet winter day
another day passed away
light has turned to darkness
and music has turned to silence.
birds which once sweetly sung
have no voice, no inspiration, not anymore.
There's someone at the door,someone new.
someone who wants to join our unhappy company tonight.
we've got alcohol, we've got cigars to get you through the night.

Today, it was another sorrowful winter day
another hope faded away
a hope of discovering joy in a ray of light
a hope of preventing day of turning to night.
a hope of saving a child from being born
into this evil and endarkened world.
There's always someone out there who screams out loud
and someone who prefers raising back up rather than falling down.
someone who wants to raise back up but has no strength
no inner power, not a slight note of hope to give him a hand.
we've got no one else but ourselves,in this world
and a bunch of loveless and meaningless mysteries left untold.

Today it was another sweet winter day
we're glad we made it through today
for tomorrow nothing will get any new.

Poetry by Eva
Read 612 times
Written on 2008-11-29 at 22:56

Tags Unhappiness  Pessimistic  Sad 

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