A remembrance to a pure and chaste soul...

Epistle to the second kindered soul

Look at the sky
As the day goes by,
One by one
you would bound,
your movement always changing
on your ground forever standing,
When we are sad
you tears would shed,
on the days we shine
you make way for the sun.
Your virtue high in place,
always pure and forever chaste,
no one has ever be true
lest they be just like you.

What you carry away
is your hard work for the day,
When to you the world stops spinning
another world is just beginning,
just like going abed,
always pure like a babe,
No Devil would dare,
to put you in their snare,
They see how you shine
and know your light would blind.
They know you are the best,
for you're always pure and chaste.

Poetry by syer
Read 636 times
Written on 2008-12-19 at 06:14

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