If only we could see a shining star like the one so long ago


In this world of unrest, disharmony and war
Wouldn't it be wonderful to see a shining star
Like the one the shepherds saw Oh so long ago
In the town of Bethlehem where angels bending low
Told of a new saviour, a baby to be found
Lying in a manger with cattle all around.

Where they didn't question and went to seek him there
And the gifts the wise men took, gold frankincense and myrrh
Where their faith sustained them and all that followed on
Bringing Christianity where people could belong

And as each year the story's told to every little child
And they learn to love gentle Jesus meek and mild
Celebrating Christmas, the time when he was born
Remembering in different ways every Christmas morn

If such a star could lead us to world wide joy and peace
No more poverty and crime, where all the wars would cease
Where politicians all agreed and worked in harmony
United in the love of Christ what happiness there'd be

If all could share the good things get rid of all the bad
If the wealthy ones would share with all the treasures that they had
I know that this will never be- I know it can't come true
I wish though that a star would shine for me and all of you

(C) Pamela M Brooke

Poetry by Pamel Brooke
Read 499 times
Written on 2008-12-22 at 00:07

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