This is a poem of unrequieted love.

Sonnets of love

LONGING (two sonnets in one)

I can feel your kisses darling as I dream each night
When I ache to hold you in my warm embrace
I long to trace your features then with fingers oh so light
Kiss each and every part of your dear face

I long to curl up every night your body close to mine
And sink back in your arms embracing me
I think of you as I then drift into a restless sleep
Dreaming just how lovely it would be

I yearn to waken every day with you by my side
I long to be the first thing that you see
And plan in whispers what we'll do when we both arise
A perfect life just made for you and me

I wonder if this ever will come true
And if you are longing for this too


I long to hold you close in my embrace
And kiss away the sadness in your eyes
To ease the ache that's sometimes in your heart.
And knowing that you know I tell no lies

Whisper to you softly how I feel.
Endeavour to erase the pain you hide
And fill your life with happiness and joy
To always be there ever by your side

I want to share your every up and down
And comfort you whenever you feel sad
Remove the worried wrinkles from your brow
Be there to take the good times with the bad

I wish that I could make my dream come true
And live my life eternally with you.

Poetry by Pamel Brooke
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Written on 2009-02-01 at 19:44

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