"there's really nothing to see here folks"

even god herself,
standing in the middle of my room
was carried away by men in white robes.
and her long stick-like legs,
kicking, struggling,
flashed before my eyes
like matches, refusing to light

the white-robed men talking in their high-pitch voices
tried to calm down the crowd
a sea of blurred faces
gathered, to hate someone for a couple of minutes
if you channel your rage, anyone can be your target
their angry words came like fists from nowhere

and then i'm pushed aside
"there's really nothing to see here folks"

after they left, i found the meaning of life stucked under my pillow,
i've never been much of a reader
so i called the nearest mental institution
and asked for god
a lady, with a soft voice answered
she said i had the wrong number
"i'm sorry miss, there's noone with that name registered here at the moment, do you want me to connect you somewhere else?"
i just hung up
i guess i was wrong again.

Poetry by crushoftheyear
Read 516 times
Written on 2006-01-23 at 22:54

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...this piece has me thinking about, am not sure what but if am not wrong, i find it a great insight to, am not sure what...god, mental institution? can't quite relate them either...oh well, i give up tryin to figure this one out...excellent work nonetheless...