there's nothing left here to die for,
so i might as well live.
walk these roads,
untill my feet fall off.

climbing up and falling down is all i ever do.
my frustrated fingerprints are all over this brick wall.
with nails, worn down untill the skin,
i try to overcome this barricade of thoughts.

this somewhat snowy sunday,
i pull down the curtains,
and go back to sleep.
because the brightness of the snow,
is mocking me.
and to close my eyes is all i can do.
to escape the perfect picture that lies outside my window,
expecting me to enter it.

i'm not even crying,
these tears running down my face,
are simply there to clean my eyes
from the pictures of you.

Poetry by crushoftheyear
Read 672 times
Written on 2006-02-05 at 13:07

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