I was looking through my folders and found this. I wrote this when i was sixteen. i decided not to edit or correct the meter or anything. I was hoping for comment on it from you all. THANKS!!! criticism welcome! =D

Time: A Distressing Gift

All that I knew in that darkened void,
Was the gentle hum of my mother's voice,
I'd kick and squirm when e'er she spoke
Until that day when I awoke
And saw with eyes, a great bright light
Then a loving person hold me tight.

And since the day when born was I
My human flesh began to die
And when I'd run and jump and play-
The Watch began to tick away.
E'er since the time of my sweet birth
My days were numbered on this earth.

And though once upon a time
I was young, the clock has chimed.
With childhood gone for quite awhile-
I'll soon grow old despite denial.
I've began my look around.
And saw more graves dug in the ground.

But in past years I've wasted them.
On my desires and every whim.
I cried and fussed and oft complained.
I look back now. What did I gain?
Except a fleeting, small moment
I peruse it now, and now lament.

The other day whilst wasting time,
I looked in a mirror and saw a crime.
A thief, stealing my life each day-
I tried to chase, but he slipped away.
Instantly I felt it was time I lacked
And I knew I'd never get it back.

My eyes widened when in the reflection
My youth passed me by when I wasn't paying attention.
I closed my eyes and now thought back
And saw my life sift through a crack.
I knew I could become more virtuous.
So I opened them up to live with a purpose.

So now since aware, my life seems chaotic.
Spinning in circles and wish I could stop it.
But although someday I'll duel with my death;
I'll battle him till I breathe in my last breath.
I pledge to you all time won't be wasted by me.
I'll live my life until here no more I shall be.

Learn from my lesson, don't wait till someday.
You'll soon see your life is now slipping away.
But if you do all that you can with your time-
You'll leave on this earth a great virtue behind.
Time, a distressing gift, with which many do blunder.
Please have no regrets when you're laid six feet under.

Poetry by SarB09
Read 975 times
Written on 2009-01-06 at 02:40

Tags Time  Death  Youth 

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welcome to poet bay, you certainly have a gift there within you, a potential that can really grow as you continue to write.